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Structures are small auto-generated areas of the map that appear to have been made and abandoned by some unknown person or race. Structures generally contain rare materials, and may also have Chests with Food, Minerals, or high level Tools for players to loot.

Current Structures


Dungeons are underground rooms made of Mossy Cobblestone, often containing chests with loot.

Planned Structures


Camps are above ground areas of made up of tents and crates supposedly left behind by long-lost explorers. Camps contain low to medium level loot to aid in survival while exploring the map.


Ruins are the remains of long lost civilisations made primarily of Stone Bricks and Stone Blocks. Ruins contain medium to high level loot to aid in advancing your tech level.


Laboratories are underground rooms make of Bricks or Iron Blocks left behind by alien races studying the native civilisations (see Ruins). Laboratories contain high level loot, including tools and gadgets.

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