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Sleep in Voxelands allows players to skip a part of the day or night.

There are many reasons a player may wish to sleep, including:

  • Avoiding aggressive creatures that spawn at night.
  • Ease of building/digging in the better light levels during the day.
  • Prolonged access to environmental features that only occur at certain times.
  • Viewing their constructions at different light levels.

Players can go to sleep in beds or camp beds to skip to the next dawn (6AM) or dusk (6PM), whichever comes first.
In multi-player, all players connected to a server must go to sleep as it is not possible for only some players to skip ahead in time.

A player can go to sleep by Examining a bed or camp bed, then clicking on the “Go to sleep” button.
Closing the bed menu, or clicking the “Get out of bed” button before the sleep cycle has started, or finished, will cancel the sleep cycle with no time skipped.
In multi-player, a new player joining the server will also cancel the sleep cycle, with no time skipped.

Camp beds can only be slept in once, upon waking the bed will be gone; though some materials from it may be left in a dropped item parcel.
Beds can be slept in an unlimited number of times.
Only one person can use a bed at a time, so each player must have their own bed.

Upon waking from sleep, players will have to wait 10 game hours before they can sleep again. There is no wait if the sleep cycle was cancelled.

Sleeping in a bed does not set your home or spawn point, for this you need a home flag, see teleporting for more information.

Sleep was added in version 1510.00.

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