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Getting Started in Survival Mode

Getting started in Voxeland's Survival Mode is a little different to most other voxel world games, which can be confusing for some players. This guide will show you how to acquire your first tools, set your spawn point, and create a bed for sleeping in.

Basic Tools

In Voxelands you cannot dig tree by hand, and all higher level tools require planks for their handle - which is crafted from tree. Thus your first tools will be small tools, made from rocks and sticks.

Sticks can be acquired by digging any kind of leaves by hand, which can then be crafted into 2 sticks.

Rocks can be acquired by digging mud by hand, to do this you will need to dig away the grass first. Mud will randomly drop small rocks when dug.

Now that you have rocks and sticks you can create the first level of tools: a small trowel for digging dirt and mud, and a small axe for cutting trees.

The trowel will allow you to dig mud faster than by hand. While the axe means that you can now cut tree.

Acquire some tree, then craft it to wood, and planks.

With planks, you can now craft a club to defend yourself against aggressive creatures.

Planks and rocks can be used to craft a small pick, which can be used to dig stone; from which higher level tools can be crafted.

Setting Your Spawnpoint

In Voxelands you set your spawn point by crafting and placing a home flag. To craft a home flag you will need a sheet of paper, which is crafted from 3 papyrus, and 2 sticks. Wherever you place your home flag is where you will respawn on death. Home flags are also used in teleporting.

Create A Bed to Sleep In

Voxelands allows players to skip the day or night by sleeping. Players can craft a bed to sleep in. A single-use camp bed is also available.

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