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Voxelands' enchantment system works by enchanting unbound mithril to create enchanted mithril, which can then be used to craft tools.

Enchantments are applied to unbound mithril in a forge, by combining the mithril with a gem of different types.

Enchanted mithril tools can only be crafted on a forge, crafting tools on the regular crafting grid will result in the enchantments being lost.

Crafting mithril with different enchantments on it will combine those enchantments on the crafted item. Crafting mithril with the same enchantments on it will add to the level of that enchantment on the crafted item.



Enchantment English Name Gem
Aeterna Long Lasting Ruby
Amplius Give More Turquoise
Velox Swift Amethyst
Indomitus Don't Break Sapphire
Ignis Flame Sunstone
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