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Crafting in Voxelands

Crafting lets you combine or split items to make new ones.

Craft Guide

As an example of crafting, lets create a book called a Craft Guide.

The Craft Guide shows you items that you can make in Voxelands, and the recipes for doing so. The recipe for the Craft Guide is 4 sticks in a question mark shape.

The first step in making a Craft Guide is of course, to get some sticks. The easiest way to get some sticks starts with punching the leaves on the nearest tree. This will give you some leaves in your inventory. You will need a stack of 2 of the leaves item.

Once you have your leaves, you can split them up and get sticks from them. To do this, you will need to press I to open up your inventory screen. Then, move the pile of leaves to the 3×3 crafting grid, and sticks will appear in the results box.

Move your new sticks from the results box to your inventory. Right clicking twice will automatically move one leaves worth of sticks to the first available inventory slot. Additional clicks will move additional sticks.

Once all the sticks you need are safely in your inventory, you can make the recipe for the Craft Guide.

Yay! Now we have a Craft Guide. To read the craft guide, you will need to put it down. Right click with the book wielded while pointing at the ground to place the book on the ground.

And then left click to open it.

Once the book is open, you can click Q while pointing at it to inspect its contents.

Here is an example of a recipe. It shows you how to make a furnace. Furnaces are useful. They let you cook things, and also fire raw materials like clay and sand into bricks and glass. The Cook Book shows you what the furnace can do.

To pick your book back up, punch it until it disappears. It will now be back in your inventory.

Reverse Craft guide

In addition to the crafting guide, the reverse crafting guide will tell you recipes that an item is an ingredient in. It also lets you know how to enhance, revert and disassemble an item.

Cook Book

The Cook Book shows you recipes that involve cooking and lets you know what the furnace can do.

This book is not made with sticks; instead it is a book made out of paper. You will need to track down some papyrus to make paper with.

Papyrus grows in shallow submerged mud, which occurs along rivers, in ponds, and non-sandy beaches. This might involve a lot of travel if you have a map with lots of islands.

As one piece of paper needs 3 pieces of papyrus to craft, you will need 9 pieces of papyrus. Place the papyrus in the crafting grid and paper will appear in the results box.

Once you have 3 pieces of paper you can make the plain book by placing the pieces of paper in a column in the crafting grid and your plain book will appear.

This is not yet the Cook Book we want! First we need to combine it with some coal. For that you are going to need to make a pickaxe.

The simplest pickaxe to make is one made of wood. It won't last very long, but it will get you started. You will need to find a tree to punch for this.

One block of tree will be enough to make a pickaxe. Break the block of tree down into blocks of wood, then break one of these blocks down into planks. Once you've done that, in the crafting grid, place one row of blocks of wood, then place two planks below the middle block to make the handle.

Now to find some coal. You will find coal along rock cliff faces and in holes in the ground. It is quite common. Punch the block with your pickaxe and you'll get some coal.

You now have everything you need to make a Cook Book. Place the plain book in the crafting grid with one piece of coal, and your Cook Book will appear in the results box!

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