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Voxelands Clothing System

Voxelands' Clothing System is comprised of several hundred craftable clothing items that allow the player's looks - and defense against creature attacks, cold weather, drowning, and the vacuum of space - to be easily changed inside the game world.


There are a variety of ways that clothes can protect - entirely or partially - against player damage.


When a character is not wearing clothes they take damage from the environment, the damage is generally considered to be from sunburn, windburn, cold or heat. Exposure damage is entirely protected against by wearing any type of pants and any type of shirt or any type of jacket.


The environment is naturally cold above Y=60, as shown by the existance of snow, any character above this height will therefore take cold damage unless wearing appropriately warm clothes. Additionally, characters also take cold damage when walking on ice, snow, or snow blocks without protective footwear.


Aggressive and destructive creatures can damage the character by attacking them.


Suffocation occurs when a character is unable to breath because their head is inside a solid block, in a liquid, or exposed to the vacuum of space.


Pressure damage occurs when a character is exposed to the vacuum of space.

Effects Boost

Wearing a medallion will increase the protection offered by other clothing items.


Clothing will gradually wear out as it protects against damage, the less protection an item of clothing provides against an effect, the faster it will wear out. Wearing a belt will reduce the rate of wear, making clothes last longer.


Clothing can be crafted from a number of different materials, each material provides different levels of protection against the various types of damage.


Cotton is the most basic material, it wears out quickest, and gives the least protection against all forms of damage.


Canvas wears a little slower, and is slightly better against cold, but doesn't do much against creatures.


Fur wears even slower, gives the best protection against cold, and some effect against creatures.


Leather wears the slowest, and protects moderately against cold and creatures, and even a tiny boost against the vacuum of space.


Metal armour provides the best protection against creatures, but offers minimal protection from other forms of damage.


Copper armour defends well against creatures, but wears fairly quickly, and gives no protection against the cold.


Steel armour wears slowly, gives the best protection against creatures, and mild protection against cold.


Space suits are made from a combination of materials, and give full protection against suffocation and the vacuum of space.

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