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Voxelands Circuits

Note: before version 1508.00 circuits components where made using mese, mese was removed from the game in 1508.00 and replaced with mithril. This information will work for pre-1508.00 versions, using mese in place of mithril.

Voxeland's circuits system provides a simple means of creating electric-style energy circuits which can be used to control lighting, open doors, move blocks, or detect water, light, or the presence of other players.

The system is made up of power sources to create energy, wires to transmit energy, gates to regulate the flow of energy, and devices that use energy to create various effects.

Power Sources

Power sources are blocks that create energy for use in circuits, some are always on, while others can have their state toggled depending on player actions, environmental changes, or the state of other circuit components.


The simplest of the power sources is the Reactor, it is always outputting power at the maximum energy level and cannot be turned off.


A button is a power source that provides power at the maximum energy level when punched by a player, it will automatically turn itself off after one second.


A switch is a power source that provides power at the maximum energy level when punched by a player, it will then stay on until it is punched again.

Pressure Plate

A wood or stone pressure plate is a power source that provides power at the maximum energy level while a player is standing on it, it will automatically turn itself off after one second when no player is standing on it.

Pressure plates depend upon the enable_footprints setting, which is true by default, and will stop working if this is set to false.

Water Wheel

A water wheel is a power source that provides power at the maximum energy level while there is a water source block behind it, and either air or water in front of it.

Water flows through a water wheel when it is turned on, thus if there is air in front of the water wheel, it will be replaced with a water source block; allowing a water wheel to be used to create new water for collection with buckets for as long as it is powered.

Conversely, when turned off - by removing the water source behind it - the water source block in front of a water wheel will be replace with air.

A water source will not power on, if there is another block in front of it, other than air or water.

Solar Panel

A solar panel is a power source that provides power at the maximum energy level while the lighting is above brightness level 10, this level allows solar panels to be activated by torches, glass lights, and Lamps as well as by direct sunlight, but not by the glow of nearby wire or furnaces.


Some gates can also act as power sources under certain conditions.
Firestarters will cause a momentary pulse of energy when used to punch any circuit gate, wire, or device.


Wires are blocks used to transmit energy between Power Sources, Gates and Devices. The Energy Level will drop on long wires, depending on their distance from a Power source, gates can be used to negate this effect.

Mithril Wire

Mithril wire is created by placing mithril dust on the ground, this will create a dust trail that will transmit energy.

Copper Wire

Copper wire is made from copper and resin, and creates a thicker wire when placed on the ground to transmit energy.


When placed directly next to a power source, energy can be transmitted through a single block of stone or limestone. This allows power sources such as buttons or switches to be placed on a wall without other parts of the circuit being visible.


NOT Gate




electric lamp is a beautiful alternative for torches to lighten up a room or generate light in general. Needs 4x glass and a quartz crystal to craft. Although connected electricity is needed in order to lighten up a room. Direct connection to a power source will work but users might want to combine this with a switch or a button in order to control lights being switched on/off.


Pistons push a block placed at the wooden side one space away when activated. Needs 4x rough stone, 3x wood, 1x steel and 1x mithril dust to be crafted.

Sticky Piston

Sticky Pistons does not only push blocks one step away when activated but stick to the pushed block and pull it back once electricity is gone. Is crafted from 1x circuit_piston and 1x resin.


It is possible to connect Steel Doors with electricity to initiate their opening/closing. Wooden Doors and Glass Doors are not affected by electricity. With stone- or wooden pressureplates a network of automatic opening Steel Doors can be build.


Energy Levels

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