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Books in Voxelands can contain useful information. Some are encyclopedias about game items and processes, while other books can be written to by the player.

With the default controls, books can be placed on the ground with the right mouse button, opened with the left mouse button and read by hitting the Q key while the book is under the cross-hairs.

Encyclopedia Books

Craft Guide

The Craft Guide is an encyclopedia of recipes for making items in the game.

Items are placed from the legend at the bottom of the screen into the query box. Once an item is in the query box, the ingredients for making it are displayed in the recipe grid. Some items have multiple recipes and arrows are shown for scrolling to see alternatives.

Reverse Craft Guide

If you have wondered what you can do with an item, this guide lists recipes that an item is an ingredient in. It is an encyclopedia type book that shows you how to enhance, revert and disassemble an item.

To use the Reverse Craft Guide, select an ingredient from the legend into the query box. The item will be shown in the recipe grid with the other required ingredients, and the item the recipe crafts will be displayed in the results box.

Cook Book

The Cook Book is another enhanced Book. It is an encyclopedia of cooking ingredients. It lists the result of putting items in a fueled Furnace.

Decraft Guide

The Decraft Guide is an encyclopedia that demonstrates the results from digging certain blocks. It shows the guaranteed drop and any random (not guaranteed) drop.

Player writable books

Player writable books store information temporarily. They must be placed in the world (either open or shut) to keep the information. The information inside user writable books disappears when the book is picked up.


The Book item is a player writable book. The player can write one title and one note for each book.


A Diary is an enhanced version of the plain Book. It functions in exactly the same way, but is locked to the player that created it.

Book Shelves

Books can be stored in a special container item called a Book Shelf.

A Book Shelf starts out looking empty.

You inspect its contents with Q and place some books in it. Each Book Shelf can hold 14 books.

The Book Shelf will now appear to contain books. Each slot in the Book Shelf inventory is represented with a book in the Book Shelf item. They currently do not reflect the actual color of the book.

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